Monday, April 23, 2012

Changing Lives, One Episode At A Time

There's this great tumblr blog called You Know Supernatural Changed Your Life When... and there's about 200 ways Supernatural can change your life, sometimes for the good, sometimes not so much.

You know Supernatural changed your life when...

1. you need to have salt around you at all times.
2. you get turned on when someone brings up angels because all you can think about is Castiel.
3. your jokes go wrong, you say 'it's funnier in Enochian.'
4. you develop an appreciation for muscle cars.
5. Carry On Wayward Son makes you cry more than any other song.
6. you call people/things assbutt and idjit.
7. you have a sudden urge to drop your pants when you hear the word 'PUDDING!'
8. staying in a cheap motel seems more exciting than it should.
9. anyone in a trenchcoat looks ten times sexier.
10. you understand the importance of pie.
11. you say gank instead of kill.
12. you know more about mythology than the average person.
13. you have the urge to put a Devil's Trap in the entrance of your home.
14. someone calls you a bitch your immediate reaction is to call them a jerk.
15. you freak out on a cold day because you think there's a ghost.
16. four words: Eye of the Tiger. Enough said.
17. someone says moose and your first thought is Sam.
18. you and your friends go by Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Bobby.
19. you keep something containing iron on you at all times.
20. you walk around humming Heat of the Moment every Tuesday.
21. you say mullet rock instead of classic rock.
22. you read the phrase 'son of a bitch' in Dean's voice.
23. someone/something's eyes are silver in a video or photograph you automatically think they're a shifter.
24. everything anyone says can be referenced back to Supernatural.
25. you quote SPN pretty much 24/7 but no one else gets it.
26. someone becomes your best friend after discovering they like Supernatural too.
27. you hum Metallica to keep calm.
28. you find yourself saying 'balls' every time something bad happens.
29. you can't make plans for a Friday night.
30. the ground shakes, you think an archangel is coming.
31. you have to check the backseat every time you get into a car.
32. you meet new people you mutter 'christo.'
33. you forever refer to myspace as 'some sort of porn site.'
34. you hum a baby to sleep with Smoke On The Water.
35. people outside the fandom always assume the worst when they see you crying over the latest episode.
36. you order food at a restaurant on a Tuesday and want to say 'Pig 'N A Poke!'
37. you no longer trust random babies you see in public.
38. you get excited when you meet someone named Sam or Dean.
39. you consider yourself part of Team Free Will.
40. you 'wuv hugs.'
41. you stare at your dog sometimes and wonder if they're a skinwalker.
42. you honestly plan to put salt inside your walls when you build your house.
43. you hear a noise in the living room and you immediately think 'GET THE MOTHERFUCKING SALT.'
44. you have the urge to build a panic room.
45. you are extra careful when walking over a sewer drain because you're afraid to lose your shoe.
46. cake is not a replacement for pie.
47. the word 'pudding' reminds you of Dean.
48. someone asks 'who you gonna call?' and you answer, 'The Winchesters.'
49. your heart drops every time you see a 1967 Chevy Impala.
50. Your friends and family know not to disturb you on Friday night.

There's the first 50, I will be posting the rest later. Is it a little sad that I actually do some of these?


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