Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dean Falls Prey To Yellow Fever

I had to put up this video. Not only is this whole episode absolutely hilarious but there is a surprise treat after the credits. Jensen Ackles lip syncing Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. Leg guitars will go down in history because of you, Jensen.

This comes from Season 4's sixth episode titled "Yellow Fever" in which the boys are hunting a ghost that infects guys that act like assholes with 'ghost sickness.' Guess which one of our favorite hunters comes down with more than a case of the sniffles? What are the symptoms of this ghost sickness, you may ask? Well at first, it causes general anxiety. Dean is quoted as saying "I'm not making a left turn into oncoming traffic, I'm not suicidal!" Gradually, over a 24 hour period it progresses to fear so strong it gives the victim a heart attack. There's the usual goofiness (Dean bolts it out of the room where the ghost is, leaving Sam vulnerable, Dean screams like a girl at a cat in a locker) but I think anyone who hadn't been put in these situations since they were little would do pretty much the same thing. Well, short of running full speed away from a Yorkshire terrier with little pink bows in it's hair, screaming "RUN! IT'LL KILL YOU!"

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