Sunday, April 29, 2012

It Was The Heat Of The Moment

So, at work recently, they started playing music over the loudspeakers. Amongst this music is the song 'Heat of the Moment' by Asia. Every stinking time I hear this song I think of that perpetual Tuesday in which Sam experiences the same day over and over again, seeing Dean dying in various ways all at the hands of "The Trickster." I hear it and think 'Oh my god, is it Tuesday again?!' And then I calm down because I remember I'm at work and I'm not in the show Supernatural. Also, I'm out of vodka. I would really like to order a Pig 'N A Poke. If I ever see that in a menu, I'm so getting it.
I haven't seen the last two episodes yet. I have them on my computer but I'm being a good girlfriend and waiting for the boyfriend so we can watch and enjoy together. The episode with the Shojo and Bobby's ghost... I couldn't wait. I had to watch it. For two weeks I nagged that boy to watch it, he HAD to see it! And all the while we were watching, he kept saying 'What are you talking about, this is just like a normal hunting episode... OH MY GOD! BOBBY!' About this whole, Bobby being a ghost thing, there are discrepancies that irk me. If Bobby can't make himself known in any way, how did he drink the beer? How did he move his journal to fall on the floor and have that guys business card fall out of it? How did he move the paper that Sam and Dean were looking for to the top of the pile? I'm kind of glad that Bobby is back, even if he is a ghost, because I miss the shit out of that guy. I cried a river of tears for Bobby the day that he died.

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