Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Last From Tumblr

Again, I did not make these. I got them from a tumblr blog, Supernatural-changed-my-life.tumblr

You know Supernatural changed your life when...

101. it's November 2nd and you are legitimately sad because it's the day Mary Winchester died.
102. you debate splashing holy water on your friends when they start to act strange.
103. the phrase 'go to hell' seems a lot harsher than before.
104. you know how to draw a Devil's Trap.
105. Thursday was your favorite day. Now it's Friday.
106. someone asks you what makes you so special and you say 'I'd like to think it's because of my perky nipples.'
107. you hear Wanted Dead or Alive and immediately think of Sam and Dean singing in the Impala.
108. you don't remember what life was like before the show.
109. you see a dead plant and automatically think there are witches around.
110. Bon Jovi rocks... on occasion.
111. even the word 'wayward' makes you want to cry.
112. you're scared to go to the hairdresser in fear of your head getting melted.
113. half your sentences start with 'This one time, on Supernatural...'
114. someone say the name Gabriel and you want to cry.
115. you look at a screencap and you can name the episode and what season it's from just by looking at it.
116. you want to sing your children to sleep with Hey Jude like Mary did.
117. you name inanimate object after characters in the show.
118. somebody asks you if you're afraid of the apocalypse and you respond 'The Winchesters got this!'
119. your cure for a hangover is a greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray.
120. you wish you had a brother like Sam or Dean.
121. you feel the need to lay down a ring of salt while watching T.V.
122. your wedding car has to be a 1967 Chevy Impala.
123. you freak out when someone can roll their eyes to the back of their head.
124. you see flannel and all you can think about is Sam, Dean and Bobby.
125. your friends stop questioning you after random bouts of laughter because they know it has something to do with Supernatural.
126. you and your sibling/friends say you're going to be hunters.
127. you feel like making Death your best friend.
128. you call people douchenozzles.
129. someone asks if you want anything while they're out and you answer 'dude, pie.'
130. you see a doctor show and it reminds you of Gabriel.
131. you quote Supernatural without realizing it.
132. there is no such thing as aliens because it's actually fairies.
133. you buy a trenchcoat just to feel badass like Castiel.
134. you watch other shows or movies because someone from Supernatural is in them.
135. you've said 'I don't understand that reference' just to see if anybody understands that reference.
136. you see a blue tucker cap and start sobbing.
137. you sometimes forget to separate the show from reality.
138. people can't ask you for salt without you asking 'where are the demons?'
139. you can't eat a candy bar without thinking about Gabriel.
140. you can make every conversation about Supernatural.
141. you get excited when someone tells you they've started watching the show.
142. you think of Jared Padalecki when someone mentions the jewelry store.
143. you still wonder if the pizza man truly loved the babysitter.
144. you quote the gag reels too.

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