Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More Change... And I Like It

You know Supernatural changed your life when...

51. you're a little twisted.
52. you're honestly confused when the driver doesn't pick the music.
53. you have an instant distrust for anyone named Ruby.
54. you hear a dog barking but don't see one so you think hell hounds are after you.
55. you find yourself saying 'I'll be damned' more than you ever did before.
56. you see anyone acting stupid and you have the strongest urge to call them an idjit.
57. you feel the need to put down some salt in front of your bedroom door before you go to sleep.
58. you get excited every time they are hunting in a place near you.
59. in Chuck you trust.
60.  you've seriously considered getting the anti-possession tattoos to keep yourself safe from demons.
61. you smell sulfur and you immediately think it's a demon.
62. meeting Lucifer doesn't seem like a bad thing.
63. in Castiel you trust.
64. you hear a song that was played on the show and immediately picture the episode in your head.
65. you arrange your course/work schedule so it won't conflict with Supernatural's air time.
66. you don't like angels like you used to.
67. your first thought if a door doesn't open is to kick it in.
68. someone says Winchester and you don't think of the rifle.
69. every time you look at a cupcake you're afraid to eat it because you think there might be a heart in it.
70. you're afraid to touch a rabbits foot keychain.
71. you use strawberry syrup to draw Enochian sigils on your pancakes.
72. you start saying 'son of a bitch!' all the time.
73. you know how to draw Enochian Angel Banishing Sigils. (You know, just in case.)
74. you want to get a fake police/F.B.I. badge just to see if it's really that easy to trick people.
75. Heaven doesn't seem like the happiest place to go anymore.
76. you become sad any time you see someone in a trenchcoat.
77. you know how to exorcise a demon.
78. Supernatural isn't just a word to you anymore.
79. you draw Devil's Traps under every rug you own.
80. whenever you eat a burger you think of Castiel.
81. Supernatural has gotten you more friends than you had before you watched the show.
82. almost every single thing that happens reminds you of something that happened in the show.
83. most of your music comes from Supernatural.
84. you can never look at a clown the same way again.
85. you mutter 'my god, I'm a painted whore!' whenever you take off your makeup.
86. you need to tell someone when you see a 1967 black Chevy Impala.
87. you find it hard to listen to pop music because you feel like you would be disappointing Dean.
88. someone says Lucifer, think Mark Pellegrino.
89. you can't hear the work confetti without thinking 'it's a parade!'
90. you made sure there was some form of borax in your house.
91. you call every priest 'padre.'
92. you refuse to drink out of a public drinking fountain in fear of Leviathan.
93. you throw a penny into every wishing well.
94. you check every room for hex bags.
95. you refer to your body as your vessel.
96. you find yourself saying 'oh my Castiel!'
97. you can't hear Eye of the Tiger without thinking of Jensen Ackles.
98. this blog becomes an exercise in self-reflection.
99. you decide to name your children after characters from the show.
100. every time you hear Heat of the Moment you freak out and make sure it's not Tuesday. And if it is Tuesday, you are on high-alert all day.

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