Thursday, May 24, 2012

Season 7 Recap

🎶Carry on my wayward son, there'll be peace when you are done. Lay your weary head to rest, don't you cry no more.🎶

When we last left off, Castiel devoured all the souls in Purgatory. He proclaimed himself God and he was a vengeful God.

"I'm you're new God," Castiel said, coldly. "A better one; so you will bow down and profess your love unto me, your Lord... or I shall destroy you."

All the Purgatory souls were too much for poor Castiel, though, and he had to put them back. All the monstrous souls went back to Purgatory except one: Leviathan. Cas ran to the outside river and submerged himself, never coming back up. Unfortunately, the Leviathan were not destroyed by Castiel's hunt for Red October. They were suddenly everywhere. Coming out of the drinking fountains, garden hoses, the kitchen sinks. The Leviathan were here to stay.
 Sam and Dean were lost. They no longer had their guardian angel watching over them. Dean was especially hurt; we all know they have an epic bromance. Leviathan are older than anything, there is no lore on them and Bobby doesn't know anything if it's not in any books. 
As it turns out, the Leviathan can take the form of any human with one touch. The leader of the Leviathan takes the form of Dick Roman, a political mover and shaker. It's obvious he's up to something shady. A couple of Leviathan, lower on the totem pole, take the forms of Sam and Dean. The Not Sam and Not Dean commit a string of murders, putting Real Sam and Real Dean in the police spotlight once more. They ditch the Impala. ::tears!:: Bobby, having captured a Leviathan, discovered a way to hurt them: Borax. It doesn't kill them, but it slows them down enough to have their heads lopped off. By keeping the body and the head separate, they can't come back to life.
Armed with machetes and cleaning solution, Sam, Dean, and Bobby head for the office building of Dick Roman, intending to find out what that mother is up to. During the getaway, Dick shoots Bobby in the head. Many tears fall during the episode 10 of the season, "Death's Door." Bobby spends the episode in a coma, trying to fight death. Sadly, not even Bobby can run from the inevitable. His final word will sit with me forever: "Idjits."
From then on, the boys are wracked with grief (who isn't?) and spend their time drinking beers and feeling sad. Things happen that makes us think 'Hey, that's weird. Maybe Bobby is a ghost!' It goes back and forth, is he, isn't he, we just don't know. Well, it turns out he is! BUT Sam and Dean can't see him. He isn't powerful enough yet.
Sam's broken mind is starting to fall apart. He's seeing Lucifer and his hand trick isn't working. Poor Sam goes days without sleeping and ends up in an institution. Lucifer will not shut up. He's talking, he's singing, he's throwing firecrackers at Sam. Dean scours Bobby's address book for anyone with information on how to help Sam. No one wants to help, until the address book falls off the table and out flies a business card. Bobby? Is that you? The guy has a name and address of one Emanuel. He claims this Emanuel is a healer, and not like the kind of healer from season 1, episode 'Faith'. The real deal. Dean tracks him down. Oh my God! Emanuel is Castiel! He's alive! He has no memory, but he's alive! Meg shows up and tells Castiel who he is, Castiel remembers, kills a bunch of demons and saves Sam. The only problem is that Castiel had to take on Sam's crazy to save him. Sam's okay, but now Castiel is institutionalized.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Season 7 Finale!

EEK! The season 7 finale is upon us! Unfortunately, I will be unable to watch it tonight because I don't have cable. NO SPOILERS!!! I will be watching it tomorrow evening after work, so nobody tell me anything! I can't wait! Will our faithful heroes defeat the leviathans? Of course they will! They've already been renewed for season 8. The question is: HOW? How will our faithful heroes defeat the leviathans? Will Bobby move on to the afterlife or will he remain a ghost? Will Castiel get back to normal? All these questions will be answered and more, tonight at 9. ::SIGH:: I won't know the answers until tomorrow around 5. I will be plagued all day with not knowing.
 Some fun Castiel quotes!
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Episode 21... What The Hell Is Happening?!

We are on the LAST episode of the season, coming up this Friday, and I cannot figure out what is going to happen. Normally, I can figure a few things out and guess what is going to play out in the last episode. Sometimes I'm psychic and know exactly, down to the last detail, what's going to happen, sometimes I'm way off base, but with this season, I have not even a clue or an idea to even speculate what might be happening at the end of next episode. Ghost Bobby knocking the crap out of Dick Roman the Head Leviathan in The Girl With The Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo was pretty great and someone speculated to me that in the end, he believes Ghost Bobby will be the only one who can kill The Leviathans. It seemed to me that Ghost Bobby didn't even scratch Dick Roman, Head Leviathan. Sure, he tossed Dick around like a kid sisters rag doll, but Dick was barely fazed. And we all know what happens when a ghost gets enraged. Bad things. I don't want to see my beloved Bobby turn into a bad guy. I didn't want him to die either, but that was not up to me.
I really wish there was a way to bring Bobby back to life. Sam and Dean sell their souls and go to hell for each other, why not for Bobby too? The death of Bobby Singer was more sad than the death of John Winchester. Bobby was more of a father to the boys than John was. John was their drill sergeant more than anything. I'm sure John loved his sons, he was just so caught up in vengeance over the slaying of Mary, he forgot to stop and be a dad.
On a good news note, no, a great news note, Supernatural has been renewed for Season 8!!! This makes me so happy, because I honestly thought that this would be the last season. I was preparing for the worst. I was preparing for the death of Sam and Dean Winchester. That got me thinking: what will happen in the last episode of the series? Will Sam and Dean die? Will they go out in a blaze of glory? Will they destroy all the angels and demons and bad shit in the world and retire on a sandy beach somewhere? As much as I hate to think this, I really think Sam and Dean are going to bite the dust, saving the world. Call me a pessimist, but I don't know of any other way to end the show. Of course, they could go out Soprano's style mid-sentence. That would be lame. I would hate that.
So, this word of God... does it really have the secret to ending The Leviathans? What about poor Kevin Tran? What do The Leviathans want with him? He already gave the translated word of God to the Winchesters, what more could they want with him? Speaking of Kevin, the new prophet, I miss Chuck. The Prophet, Chuck. Chuck was great.