Friday, May 11, 2012

Season 7 Finale!

EEK! The season 7 finale is upon us! Unfortunately, I will be unable to watch it tonight because I don't have cable. NO SPOILERS!!! I will be watching it tomorrow evening after work, so nobody tell me anything! I can't wait! Will our faithful heroes defeat the leviathans? Of course they will! They've already been renewed for season 8. The question is: HOW? How will our faithful heroes defeat the leviathans? Will Bobby move on to the afterlife or will he remain a ghost? Will Castiel get back to normal? All these questions will be answered and more, tonight at 9. ::SIGH:: I won't know the answers until tomorrow around 5. I will be plagued all day with not knowing.
 Some fun Castiel quotes!
 Some fun Bobby Singer quotes!
 Some fun Dean Winchester quotes!
 Some fun Sam Winchester quotes!
Some fun Crowley quotes!

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